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Fix the Network is connecting but Icon Shows Red X Problem on Windows

Sometimes, we may notice that there is a red "X" showing on the network icon, which means that my computer is disconnected. However, I can surf the Internet, and I have more than one network connection sometimes. Why would this red cross mark show on the network icon? It can be analyzed from several aspects.


Generally, checking the network cable or the computer connection is the first thing we can do. Since it's okay to get online, these two conditions should be fine. Then you may need to check through the following ways.

Method one: Check for Component Services

1. Win+R, input "dcomcnfg" to open Component Services;


2. Follow the steps computers>my computer>DCOM config>netprofm;


3. Right click to choose properties> security>customize under Launch and Activation Permissions>Add an object "Local Service" and hit OK;


4. Back to Component Services screen, locate at Services(Local)>Network List Service;


5. Right click to choose Properties, then change the Startup Style as "Automatic" and hit OK.


Having tried these steps, the red cross mark is ought to disappear and the network connection should be well. If not, please change another way.

Method two: Check your Network Adapter

The red cross mark issue can also be caused by the Network Adapter due to more than one connections on your computer. 

If so, just delete the virtual adapter and then re-add it as in the following screenshots.



Method three: Check Network Driver Conditions

In some cases, besides what we have mentioned above, the red cross mark on network icon may be a driver problem. Driver problems can be repaired by update or re-install. Both can be done manually or depending on a driver updater. Driver Booster is able to solve all kinds of driver problems, just download, launch and update, those driver problems are sure to be repaired.


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