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Keyboard Test

Free online keyboard tester to check if the keyboard keys are working well or not.

Press the keys on your keyboard to run the test

How to test the keyboard online?

  • 1 Press the keys on your physical keyboard and check if what you have pressed are light up on the virtual keyboard.
  • 2 Click the “reset” arrow to remove existing content and test again to reassure every single key works properly.
  • 3 Try to press multiple keys at one time to check if certain keys on your keyboard can work smoothly together.
  • 4 If the virtual keyboard display responds immediately every time you type on your physical keyboard.Your keyboard is working perfectly.If it did not respond or just respond partially, then there might be some keyboard errors.
  • 1.Go over all keys on your keyboard when conducting this keyboard test and make sure all of the keys work well.
  • 2.No matter you are testing on a Windows keyboard or Mac keyboard, the keyboard tester shall automatically adapt.
  • 3.Press “Ctrl + D” to bookmark this keyboard test tool to have your keyboard tested whenever you need it.

Why choose online keyboard test?

Use it for Free

You can use this online tool to test your PC, laptop, or wireless keyboard whenever and wherever with no hidden fees, pop-ups nor ads.

Quick and Easy

Simply check your wireless or gaming keyboard keys by just typing. The virtual keyboard responds immediately and shows you the keyboard test results.

Privacy Secured

100% safe and secure. Please be assured that everything you typed will be only kept for you and no history will be recorded nor uploaded.

No Download Required

Test every key on your keyboard directly within the browser. You don't have to download or install any programs or plug-ins in order to use this tool.

What to do if keyboard test failed?

Take the following steps and fix the keyboard issues

Driver Booster

Driver Booster

Update Keyboard Device Driver and Fix Other Driver Related Issues

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