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How to check if my computer is ready for Windows 11?

1. Download and Launch Can I Run Win 11

Click Can I Run Win 11 to download the Free compatibility checker tool, install and launch it on your Windows computer. It will only take you less than one minute.

2. Get compatibility results table

Can I Run Win 11 automatically scans your current system and hardware and compares them with the Windows 11 minimum requirements right after you launched the software? In a few seconds, a Windows 11 Compatibility checking results table will be displayed on your desktop.

3. Get Suggestions on Windows 11 Upgrade

You will see the compatibility results list at a glance. If all your PC hardware and software are marked as green, your computer is ready for Windows 11. However, wherever there is a red cross or yellow exclamation mark, it means that certain item is not compatible with Windows 11 requirements. You can click related articles provided to find the fix, it may be upgrading your software, installing needful drivers or other actions to be taken.

Free Download
V 1.0.0 | 5.4 MB
Supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

About Windows11 System Requirements and Highlights

Windows 11 Minimum System requirements

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC).

RAM: 4 GB at least

Storage: 64 GB available storage

System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable

TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0

Graphics card: Compatible with DirectX 12 or later, with a WDDM 2.0 driver

Display: High definition (720p) display, 9" or greater monitor, 8 bits per color channel

Internet connection: Microsoft account and internet connectivity required for setup for Windows 11 Home.

Windows 11 Highlights

A much more
modern user interface
Windows 11 features a cleaner design with rounded corners, pastel shades and a centered Start menu and Taskbar. It looks more modern and delicate compared with the previous version.
Use Android
Apps in Windows 11
Android apps will be installable from within the new Microsoft Store. In the official version, the Android mobile apps can be pinned to the Taskbar or Start menu on your computer for quick and easy access.
virtual desktop support
You can set up virtual desktops like MacOS, namely you can toggle among multiple desktops for work, school or entertainment use. You can also set different wallpapers on each virtual desktop.
Smarter Dictate Tool
In Windows 11, the Windows Dictation Tool has been improved a lot, it can not only transfer what you speak into words but also with the correct punctuation if you turn the “auto punctuation” on.
Check for Compatibility Now!

Can I Run Win 11 Features

Free and easy to use compatibility checker tool

Can I run Win 11 is a free Windows PC compatibility checker tool
.The download and launch process is fast and easy.

Fast scan and display results without input anything

The Win 11 system requirements match results will be displayed right after youlaunch Can I run Win 11, no separate steps are needed.

Simple interface and clear graphical display

A clear and easy to understand graphical comparison lists will be displayed.The overall compatibility results can be seen at one glance.

Detailed compatibility results and description

In the results table you will see whether your hardware or system meets the Win 11 upgrade minimum requirements. If not, the suggested requirements will be provided for your reference.

Free Download
V 1.0.0 | 5.4 MB
Supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Things You Need to Know before Upgrade to Win 11

How to Upgrade Current Windows into Windows 11?
You can upgrade to Windows 11 from your current Windows 10 via the in-built “Windows Update”-”Check for Updates” on/after the official release date Oct 5th, 2021. Before Oct 5th,you could join the Windows Insider Program to try the beta version and better to use a test computer rather than your primary device in case of any bugs.
How to upgrade to Windows 11 using Windows 11 Installation Assistant?
There are many options to install Windows 11 wherein using Windows 11 Installation Assistant will be a fast and easy method. You can go to Microsoft official website to download Windows 11 Installation Assistant and get upgraded to Win 11 directly from that tool. However, only if your current PC system were compatible with Win 11 requirements can you use Windows 11 Installation Assistant to install Windows. Therefore, Before installing, please download Can I Run Win 11 to confirm your device meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 11.
Will I lose my apps and files after upgrading?
No, upgrading through Microsoft will keep your apps and files in place. During the Windows 11 setup, you could choose to “Keep your personal files and apps” However, in case there might be some unknown issues, you should make a backup of all your data and files. Or use a spare computer to upgrade.
My computer hardware is very old, can I update to Windows 11?
Though Microsoft published minimum hardware requirements, the Feedback of the beta version has shown that unsupported hardware is more likely to have older drivers that are incompatible with new OS features such as VBS. You could download a Driver Booster to ensure you have all the drivers updated for Windows 11.
Can I go back to Windows 10 after installing Windows 11?
Yes. What you could do is open “Settings” and select the ‘Recovery’ option, you will see a ‘Previous version of Windows’ section. Click ‘Go back’ and you can get the rollback started.
How to enable TPM 2.0?
TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module, and its job is to protect data used to authenticate the PC you're using.It is required to run Windows 11, as an important building block for security-related features. In some cases, PCs that are capable of running TPM 2.0 are not set up to do so. If you are considering upgrading to Windows 11, check to ensure TPM 2.0 is enabled on your device. Refer to the following steps or visit Enable TPM 2.0 on your PC.
Do I need a new PC to run Windows 11?
Microsoft has set the minimum system requirements for installing Windows 11 on a PC. If your device does not meet these requirements, you may not be able to install Windows 11 on your device and need to purchase a new PC. If you are unsure whether your PC meets these requirements, you can use Can I Run Win 11 to check compatibility.

Check for Windows 11 Compatibility

Use Can I Run Win 11 to see if your PC can run Windows 11.

Free Download
V 1.0.0 | 5.4 MB
Supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Things you need to check after Win 11 Upgrade

Disk Usage

First, you need to check the basic functions of your computer. For example,if the system response is slow you can open “Task Manager” to check the status of disk space usage.If the disk usage is constantly at 100% , something must be abnormal with your hard drives.The common fix could be restart or reset virtual memory, as well as conduct disk defragmentation. To save time and effort, you could download Advanced SystemCare All-in-one solution to clean, optimize and protect your Windows PC to automatically check, fix, cleanup and prevent disk and hard drive errors.

External Devices

It is also necessary to check whether your external devices such as keyboard, speaker or earphone can work properly after Windows OS upgrade. If the hardware devices are not working, you may have to check if the device drivers are well installed or updated for Windows 11. The quick and easy fix is to Download Driver Booster Install and auto update your Windows PC Drivers in one click on your Win 11 PC to make sure all your drivers are correctly installed and up to date.

Network Connection

Another common issue after installing Windows update is related to network connectivity, such as unstable or complete loss of internet. Besides rebooting the computer, reset network settings and checking for network drivers, you can also use the built-in Windows network troubleshooter to identify and fix problems related to the network. Get there through Settings > Network & Internet > Network troubleshooter.

#1 Windows Upgrade Checker Tool

Is your computer ready for Windows 11? Check Now!

Free Download
V 1.0.0 | 5.4 MB
Supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
Check if Your PC Can Run Windows 11 Free Download

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