Cleaner & Smoother PC
Clean up your computer every day to keep it running smoothly and free up valuable system resources. As powerful PC cleaner, Advanced SystemCare 11 lets you remove junk files, temporary files, leftovers, and invalid shortcuts even piled-up registry files with 1-click. New disk optimization technology is also adopted to free up disk space and improve disk performance.
Faster PC & Online Surfing
There is nothing more frustrating than a sluggish computer! Advanced SystemCare 11 deeply optimizes startup settings and boosts Internet connection for you. So that you would never be bothered by long boot time, failing to load pages, taking forever to download, slow responses in switching between pages and other issues.
Safer System & Online Surfing
New security threats release every day. To guarantee a secured PC, Advanced SystemCare11 deepens and expands its protection. New Security Reinforce improves the security level of your system by preventing hacking. No more malware exist while scanning your computer routinely. For online safety, it helps quickly identify programs which modify your homepage and remove popup ads on webpage.
Real-time Protecting& Monitoring
Without disturbing you, Real-time Protector automatically runs in the background to monitor your whole system continuously to prevent malicious infection like malware, spyware proactively and lightly. Redesigned Performance Monitor not only monitors your PC’s RAM/CPU/Disk usage, CPU/GPU/Mainboard temperature, and fan speed in real-time, but also lets you optimize your slow computer with one click. What’s more, FaceID immediately captures the image of intruder who breaks into your computer.

Media Review

"A PC optimization tool that wipes out security threats and helps stop new ones in their tracks.”

"IObit Avanced SystemCare is one of our favorite PC cleanup and maintenance tools. A fast and convenient way to clean up your PC, with added security features to help keep you safer online, with more granular control available if you want it. " -TechRadar

User Review

"Upon installing, I noticed Advanced System Care breathed new life into my PC!"

"Upon installing, I noticed Advanced System Care breathed new life into my PC! Instantly I noticed an amazing difference. The startup time was faster, the general issues which were causing a laggy and slow performance were gone! I was so impressed I decided to download your other products. Thank you so much for such an amazing program. It is the best and I will be recommending it every chance I get!!"

"My machine runs like a fine tuned clock with the assistance of your programs."

"Your software has improved greatly through the years. Disk Scan repairs without rebooting, atleast for minor errors. Speed UP Turbo Boost has greatly improved boot-up, all programs and browsers too. Fact is, everything works well with little cpu or disk usage. Your Driver Booster is a real time saver with no problems. I've been using your Uninstaller for years because it deletes thoroughly. Your Defrager is excellent. My machine runs like a fine tuned clock with the assistance of your programs."

"I really enjoy using your Advanced SystemCare, as I feel a lot more productive with a faster, more efficiently running PC each time I use this amazing program"

"I have been using ASC for as long as I can remember - over 5 years now I think, and it is just the thing I need to keep my PC shipshape and up and running as good as new, every time that I need my system to work better and faster. The Advanced System Care just keeps getting better and better with each passing version - a truly dependable and much needed software for any computer. I am now looking forward to your further software upgrades. Thanks again!"

"Advanced SystemCare is balanced, beautiful, and getting better every day. Use it and you will see for yourself."

"Version 11 is the best balance between strength and ease of use yet. Facial recognition security is a new and welcome addition to the arsenal that ASC 11 brings to bear, against security threats both major and minor. System monitor shows you, in real time, what sort of load your RAM, and CPU are experiencing. This is especially important in the world of Windows 10, where some updates can result in high commitment of both resources. I love the improved RAM release utility. It's much smoother, and finishes faster. If I had to pick a favorite element, it would be Win10 Reinforce."
  • Stephen H. Littleton
  • Hal Barry Koren
  • Savio Da Rocha Lobo
  • Michael D. Masters

Enjoy Safer PC and Online Surfing

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"A PC optimization tool that wipes out security threats and helps stop new ones in their tracks.”
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