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PC Health Solution

Company Awards

Devoting to tuning up system performance and protecting online security, IObit is trusted by professional publications.

Professional Reviews

Driver Booster -

"I highly recommend IObit Driver Booster for this purpose as it has a vast database of over 8 million drivers, and it automatically updates all drivers with just two clicks. Even in the free version, it doesn’t heavily limit download speed, and you can download most of the latest drivers."

Advanced SystemCare -

"O Advanced SystemCare é um aplicativo tudo em 1, pois ele reúne várias ferramentas completas para otimização, reparo, diagnóstico e segurança do seu computador. Assim se você é um usuário que não sabe como otimizar seu sistema manualmente o Advanced SystemCare faz isso pra você. Com Apenas um clique você pode otimizar todo seu computador. "

Advanced SystemCare 15 PRO -

"IObit’s Advanced SystemCare 15 PRO is an AI-powered all-in-one PC optimizer tool that helps you to keep your computer clean, uninstall unnecessary programs, boost speed, improve performance."

Driver Booster -

"IObit Driver Booster is really a great helper that can update all your drivers for Windows OS just in one click. For our emulator users, Driver Booster scans and updates their graphics drivers in an easy way so as to boost the PC gaming performance. IObit Driver Booster is highly recommended."

IObit Uninstaller -

"It's the best third-party uninstaller for the most stubborn programs."


IObit Malware Fighter - navigaweb

"Contro virus e malware del PC si può installare Malware Fighter di IOBit, una solida protezione aggiuntiva gratuita per PC Windows 10. Per aumentare la sicurezza del nostro PC, possiamo affidarci ad un programma gratuito come IObit Malware Fighter, in grado di coadiuvare l'azione dell'antivirus e bloccare le minacce più pericolose prima che possano arrecare danno ai nostri file e al sistema."


Driver Booster - softobase

"Программа Driver Booster быстро и ненавязчиво обновит драйверы на вашем компьютере, в том числе и игровые компоненты. Её интерфейс не перегружен и требует от пользователя лишь два действия - запустить сканирование и разрешить установку обновлений."


Driver Booster - softok

"Одна из лучших программ для инвентаризации программного обеспечения, установленных компонентов ПК. Позволяет проинсталлировать новые и обновить существующие версии драйверов в несколько кликов."

AMC Security -

"Как оптимизировать смартфон или планшет на базе Android с помощью одной программы? AMC Security — универсальное приложение, которое создано для удаления кэша, ускорения работы девайса и защиты личных данных пользователя в интернете."

Driver Booster 6 -

"Driver Booster searches and updates drivers for Windows OS from an extensive library including drivers for a wide range of hardware. The only action you need is to click and it will install the selected ones on your command."


Advanced SystemCare 12 - software.informer

"Version after version and upgrade after upgrade, Advanced SystemCare keeps offering its many users a useful, effective, and comprehensive PC optimization tool at no cost whatsoever."

Advanced SystemCare 11 -

"Advanced SystemCare 11 can take care of multiple problems with just one click, users can then clean leftover junk data, registry entries and also fix a number of privacy issues as well."

Advanced SystemCare 11 -

"Раньше мне приходилось устанавливать сразу несколько утилит, чтобы обеспечить комплексную очистку системы от разного хлама. Но Advanced System Care помогла мне избавиться сразу от нескольких проблем. Этот продукт является «all-in-one» решением для поддержания ПК в оптимальной форме."

IObit Uninstaller 8 -

"Отличная программа для удаления программного обечпечения без остаточных файлов. Также Obit Uninstaller способен обнаружить все установленные в программах пакеты, отобразить информацию о них и полностью удалить."

IObit Driver Booster -

"Muitos utilizadores recorrem ao nosso Consultório para terem uma ideia do que usar para actualizar os drivers de forma correcta, para não terem problemas, o que acontece muitas vezes. Assim deixamos a sugestão do IObit Driver Booster."

Advanced SystemCare Pro 8 -

"Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro impresses immediately with its sheer weight of features, but there’s also a real depth of functionality here, with many tools delivering more than you might expect."

Advanced SystemCare -

"Protecting your PC against common Internet threats and keeping it clean and running smoothly at no cost is possible thanks to Advanced SystemCare. This free system optimization tool provides you with all the basic functionality your PC needs to stay away from hijackers and common viruses, as well as to get rid of all unnecessary files, leftovers, and other junk files, and to keep your registry as good as new."

IObit Uninstaller -

"IObit Uninstaller ti aiuta suddividendo i programmi da disinstallare in base allo spazio che occupano su disco fisso, i programmi utilizzati raramente o di ricente, le toolbar e i plugin presenti nei vari browser sul PC, le app dell’interfaccia Modern di Windows 10 e gli aggiornamenti di Windows. Il programma presenta altri interessanti strumenti che puoi utilizzare per disinstallare i programmi difficili da rimuovere, per pulire i file di precedenti disinstallazioni in maniera definitiva, così che questi non possano essere recuperati." review

Smart Defrag 4 - review

"Il vous donne le diagnostique actuel de la situation de votre disque dur, défragmente et optimise la vitesse d'exécution de votre ordinateur. Facile à utiliser, il est très rapide, assure l'intégrité de vos données et optimise les performance de vos disques, HDD et SSD." review

Advanced SystemCare 9 - review

"Uno dei migliori software gratuiti della IObit si rinnova, aggiungendo il supporto a Windows 10: Advanced SystemCare 9 pulisce ed ottimizza il sistema."

Driver Booster -

"IObit Driver Booster, un programma che comodamente con pochi click, vi permetterà di aggiornare tutti i driver presenti e mancanti, in un colpo solo, risparmiando fatica e tempo, aiutandovi a non commettere un errore grave, ovvero quello di installare driver sbagliati, che possono compromettere la stabilità del vostro computer."

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate -

"Advanced SystemCare Ultimate has retained five star rating on This undoubtedly means most of our trust this application and use it on a regular basis."

IObit Malware Fighter -

"Equipped with the leading Bitdefender antivirus engine and the expanded database capable of detecting and removing over 100 million threats, IObit Malware Fighter offers you the latest anti-malware and antivirus technology for free. It will thoroughly scan your system hard drives and any other external storage device connected to your computer looking for spyware, trojans, keyloggers, worms, hijackers, adware, etc."

IObit Malware Fighter 6 -

"IObit Malware Fighter è decisamente il miglior sistema per proteggere un PC in mano ad un utente inesperto dall'attacco dei ransomware, così da evitare anche la perdita dei file, questo programma vanta un efficace sistema anti-ransomware che impedisce la criptazione dei file e il blocco delle attività del PC, così da rendere completamente innocui qualsiasi tipo di ransomware e in generale qualsiasi tipo di malware."

Advanced SystemCare 7 -

"Si estás buscando una herramienta que te permita optimizar el rendimiento de Windows de una forma sencilla y rápida, debes descargar Advanced SystemCare cuanto antes, dado que resulta ser una de las mejores alternativas del mercado."

Smart Defrag 2 -

"IObit Smart Defrag - program do defragmentacji dysków twardych charakteryzujący się dużą skutecznością działania. Program może pracować w tle w pełni automatycznie, nie przeszkadzając w normalnym użytkowaniu komputera. IObit SmartDefrag defragmentując rozdzielone i porozrzucane bezładnie pliki pozwala uzyskać maksymalną wydajność dysku twardego."

Advanced SystemCare 7 -

"Advanced SystemCare 7 po zainstalowaniu zajmuje niespełna 100 megabajtów na dysku twardym i nie pożera zbyt wielu zasobów systemowych podczas normalnej pracy." Software

Smart Defrag - Software

"Smart Defrag has a lot of advantages against Windows Defrag. One of the best Tools for maximizing the hard disk performance."

Advanced SystemCare 6.3.0 -

"Aplikacja posiada możliwość oczyszczania rejestru systemowego z błędnych wpisów, usuwania niepotrzebnych plików z dysku twardego i przeprowadzania defragmentacji."

Game Booster -

"Gamer must-have! Not only does it keep your system focused on the game's performance but also your eyes: Game Booster keeps the gaming window on top and allows real-time recording and sharing of video and audio screencaps."

Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013 -

"Y cuando pensábamos que Advanced SystemCare ya era lo suficientemente bueno. Nuestros amigos y amigas de Iobit, nos sorprenden presentándonos la versión de 2013 de Advaced SystemCare. La cual a partir de ahora tiene integrado un antivirus que funciona alimentándose de la base de datos de BitDefender (desde mi perspectiva, el mejor antivirus que hoy por hoy existe)."


Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013 - PLANETARED.COM

"El punto fuerte de esta nueva versión es la inclusión de un poderoso antivirus y antimalware que usa el motor de BitDefender, que es capaz de detectar casi cualquier virus."

download3k Review

Advanced SystemCare 5.2.0 - download3k Review

"All in all, multiple utilities are combined into one great package – Advanced System Care. It is an excellent tool that will surely help your system perform better!" review

Advanced SystemCare V4 - review

"Advanced SystemCare PRO er et super program til optimering af computerens hastighed. Et af de absolut bedste i klassen. Samtidig er programmet meget populært blandt danskere grundet programmets opbygning den høje kvalitet som Advanced SystemCare PRO står for." review

Driver Booster 4 - review

"Driver Booster 4 rileva tutti i driver presenti sul computer, verifica gli eventuali aggiornamenti disponibili ed installa il nuovo software. Tutto in un solo programma."

PCactual review

Advanced SystemCare V4 - PCactual review

"Entre sus herramientas, destaca la optimización del Registro, la eliminación de rastros de uso, la búsqueda de incongruencias en el sistema de archivos o la detección de agujeros de seguridad en nuestro PC, con un balance general más que satisfactorio." review

IObit Uninstaller v2.1 - review

"Türkçe dil desteğine sahip olan IObit Uninstaller kaldırdığınız programların tüm kalıntılarını ve kayıt defteri girdilerini de temizleyerek bilgisayarınız çok daha verimli ve etkin çalışmasını sağlıyor. Ayrıca karşılaşabileceğiniz sorunların ve yavaşlıkların çok daha nadir ortaya çıkmasını sağlıyor." review

Advanced SystemCare V4 - review

"The program is too easy to use and requires all actions just in one click.Once scheduled the Advanced SystemCare4 will continue to operate as per the routine and users will stay notified with the status bar."  review

IObit Uninstaller 5 - review

"Grazie alla facilità di utilizzo e alle numerose caratteristiche offerte, arrivati quindi a questo punto dovresti aver finalmente capito che IObit Uninstaller 5 è il miglior software gratuito che ti aiuterà nel disinstallare correttamente tutti i tuoi programmi."

hardware-programmi review

Advanced SystemCare 8 - hardware-programmi review

"Advanced SystemCare 8, misto con la sofisticata tecnologia più recente, il Advanced SystemCare 8 ha specializzato l'ottimizzazione dell'avvio del sistema e la garanzia della sicurezza online sicurezza."

Bestfreewaredownload Review

Advanced SystemCare V4 - Bestfreewaredownload Review

"Once you start using Advanced SystemCare V4 for your system security enhancement, performance optimization you will never regret it. Do not spend money on other programs to optimize, clean, repair your PC. Try Advanced SystemCare 4 today!"

IObit Malware Fighter 3 Free -

"IObit Malware Fighter 3 Free è più che sufficiente (se affiancato al programma antivirus principale) per una buona protezione del computer Windows in tempo reale a livello di rete, file, in avvio di sistema, cookie, browser e anti-hacking"

Filecluster Review

Advanced SystemCare Free - Filecluster Review

"If you need a quick system analyzer, an optimization expert and a problem fixer, look no more, all you need is Advanced SystemCare. IObit managed to integrate every single feature of today's top paid system fixers/optimizers, into one powerful free system tool."

IObit Toolbox 1.2 -

"IObit Toolbox – хороший пакет для обычного пользователя, который не желает забивать голову лишней информацией о работе системы. Большинство функций автоматизировано. Все основные работы по текущему обслуживанию операционной системы с ее помощью произвести вполне под силу практически любому."

Software Informer Review

Game Booster2 - Software Informer Review

"Game Booster 2 can perform a one-click boost that mostly closes all those unnecessary processes that usually remain active in the background while you play, taking up valuable resources that might greatly improve your games' performance."

CNET Review

Advanced WindowsCare v1 - CNET Review

"If your system is running sluggishly and you're considering reinstalling Windows, it wouldn't hurt to try this freeware package first."

The Times Review

Advanced WindowsCare v2 Personal - The Times Review

"If you want to give your PC a full MoT, try downloading Advanced SystemCare Free from, free of charge. This software includes a start-up manager that will advise you which programs it's safe to stop from running at start-up. It also includes a bevy of powerful tools to stop spyware and performs clever tricks such as slightly reducing the quality of the thumbnail images that appear when you open a folder of digital photos, so that you don't suffer that irritating delay."

SoftPedia Review

Advanced WindowsCare Personal - SoftPedia Review

"Advanced WindowsCare v2 Personal is a totally free program that can make your computer run faster and more efficiently. The program works on all of the key trouble areas on your computer and fixes any problems it finds."

PC World Review

Advanced SystemCare Free - PC World Review

"It's exceedingly simple to use; run the program, then choose which feature you want to use, and it goes about its work. There's too much here to go into detail about it all, but each module is surprisingly fully featured, something you wouldn't expect in an all-in-one tool."

CNET Download Review

Advanced SystemCare Free - CNET Download Review

"This utility offers a one-stop-shop for cleaning and maintaining your computer for better overall system performance. The interface is very simple, featuring only a few buttons, which makes it easy to get down to cleaning immediately (in fact, it automatically runs on start-up) and doesn't confuse you with multiple steps."

Software Informer Review

Advanced SystemCare Free - Software Informer Review

"Advanced SystemCare is a nice set of system tools that helps you keep you PC clean and maintain your computer for better overall system performance."

Advanced SystemCare 8 -

"Advanced SystemCare Free è uno dei più conosciuti strumenti per l'ottimizzazione gratuita del PC e per il miglioramento delle performance. Si tratta di un programma che agisce a più livelli ed in grado di riparare anche gli errori che si accumulano all'interno del sistema dopo l'uso prolungato del PC."

MakeUseOf Review

Smart Defrag v1 - MakeUseOf Review

"IObit SmartDefrag is a free software that offers the same features and quality as Diskeeper. The graph (as shown below) shows that it stands up head to head with the best defragmentation software out there."

Online Tech Tips Review

Smart Defrag v1.0 - Online Tech Tips Review

"The people at were kind enough to release their SmartDefrag product to the world for free. I am guessing that right about now you are asking why choose this over other freeware products or the built-in Windows defrag tool. Well, I will tell you what I know; then you can download and decide if you think it fits your needs. Since it is free, you are not out any money for trying it."

FreeDownloads.Com Review

IObit SmartDefrag - FreeDownloads.Com Review

"In such situations this smart tool with its capabilities proves to be the first choice. The tool will automatically defragment your system hard drive keeping it error free all the time. The intuitive interface of the tool comprises of features like; install it and forget it, supports the fastest defragment engine to finish the job in minutes."

Gizmo's Tech Support Alert Review

IObit SmartDefrag - Gizmo's Tech Support Alert Review

"Even more simple is IObit SmartDefrag. It works away in the background to keep your PC constantly defragged. It's available only in beta at the moment, but the feedback we've received has been excellent. A true set and forget solution."


Game Booster - CNET NEWS Review

"Regardless of how your computer is, Game Booster seems a fast way to make sure that it's at its best for playing games. It took about 10 seconds to switch my computer between gaming and normal modes."

Softonic Review

Game Booster - Softonic Review

"As well as improving gaming, Games Booster will also help in running any system hungry application you choose to launch. The application itself uses very little processing power, and it's great being able to turn lots of processes on and off with a single click."

Softonic Review

Advanced SystemCare - Softonic Review

"Advanced SystemCare is an easy-to-use, quick system analyzer and optimizer that fixes the most common computer problems and can make your PC faster and more stable." Review

Advanced SystemCare 10 - Review

"Advanced System Care 10 è un programma molto potente ed efficace per ottimizzare e migliorare la velocità del proprio PC. Grazie alle molteplici funzionalità, è possibile eseguire un gran numero di operazioni per la protezione del computer."

dopedgeeks review

Driver Booster - dopedgeeks review

"Ecco perché vi consigliamo di installare Driver Booster, così facendo non avrete più problemi con i driver e in caso di malfunzionamenti potrete tranquillamente ripristinare la versione precedente dei driver con pochi e semplici click."

Fiberdownload Review

Advanced SystemCare Free - Fiberdownload Review

"If you are looking for a program that can keep your system operating as efficiently as possible and eliminate any security threats at the same time, you have everything you need and then some with Advanced System Care. It works equally well with all versions of Windows 2000 and up, both 32 and 64 bit, and the best part is, it's free!"

WinMetro -

"As you could see, WinMetro provides exact copy of Windows 8 start screen. So it is really beneficial for all those users who want to upgrade to Windows 8 or just want to enjoy Windows 8 Metro User Interface on Windows 7."

MacBooster -

"Macbooster 3 has built on it's predecessors and in the process has delivered a very effective and streamlined optimization program. The gain in performance is noticeable and the program's seamless integration means it's always handy when you need it."

CompactstudioPro Review

Advanced SystemCare 9 - CompactstudioPro Review

"Advanced SystemCare macht es möglich, mit nur einem klick behebt es alle Probleme und steigert die Betriebsgeschwindigkeit phänomenal"

MacBooster 4 -

"If you're new to the Mac world or are a bit uncomfortable with diving into technical stuff, MacBooster is about as good as you are going to find when it comes to its all-in-one nature."

Advanced SystemCare -

"IObit Advanced SystemCare Professional is a great PC performance optimization tool that not only boosts the performance and overall health of your PC but also helps you in many other things as well, like online privacy and faster internet browsing. A must try for every savvy PC user. "

IObit Malware Fighter 6 -

"IObit Malware Fighter Free er et avansert malware- og spywareprogram, som fjerner selv de dypeste infeksjoner og beskytter PCen din mot forskjellige potensielle spyware, adware, trojanere, keyloggers, søkeroboter, ormer og hackere."

Smart Defrag 5 -

"Smart Defrag 5 can easily be called one of the best defrag software products on the market. What is even more important Smart Defrag can be downloaded for free. IObit software speeds up access to the files on your hard drive, solving the issue of slow performing PC."

Ten Computer

Advanced SystemCare 12 PRO - Ten Computer

"Advanced System Care is a professional and all-in-one windows software which can protect, clean and fix all things on Windows system."


Advanced SystemCare 12 - BytesIn

"Advanced SystemCare is a powerful free utility, capable of enhancing computer performance and speed that contains a vast range of tools for system analysis, optimization and fixing problems."


Advanced SystemCare 12 - Brafiler

"Advanced SystemCare Free kan storstäda din dator och se till att onödigt skräp som slöar ner den försvinner. Resultatet blir en snabbar dator.Programmet kan skanna hela ditt system för filer som antingen skadar datorn eller inte behöver den."


Advanced System Care Ultimate - tekcompare

"With the IObit Advanced System Care Ultimate 12, protection and optimization don’t take much effort at all. It effectively blocks malware while safeguarding everything from your contacts to your browsing activities."

IObit Malware Fighter -

"IMF performs well, not loading a PC too much even while scanning. It offers lots of tools to safeguard your web activity, as well as protect against ransomware."

Advanced SystemCare -

"Due to all-encompassing and comprehensive approach, IObit Advanced SystemCare is easily one of the best PC optimization utilities on the market right now."

IObit Malware Fighter -

"IObit Malware Fighter is able to detect the most complex spyware and malware in a very fast and efficient way."

IObit Uninstaller -

"With IObit Uninstaller you can search for installed software, find and remove the programs taking up the most space or the ones you hardly use, uninstall browser toolbars and plugins, remove downloads made from Windows Update, and even see which of your programs could be updated to a newer version."

Advanced SystemCare -

"Advanced SystemCare Pro is a system cleaning and optimization tool that can remove junk files in a hassle-free manner"

Driver Booster -

"Driver Boosters are extremely essential for a computer. It provides the system with a new life and support."

Advanced SystemCare -

"No doubt, it is a great and best affordable system maintenance tool. Not only it targets many areas of the computer but it even helps in removing junks."

Advanced SystemCare -

"All in all, Advanced System Care with just one click of a mouse the whole system will be cleaned and optimized for a better level of performance."

IObit Uninstaller -

"It offers best solution to get rid of unwanted software and residual files on a click. Recommended 100% for a hassle-free performance of your PC!"

IObit Uninstaller -

"This is the best and most advanced no frill app to get rid of unwanted and unhealthy programs and to make your system work faster. "

IObit Uninstaller -

"IObit Uninstaller, a trending Uninstaller Software that comes loaded with amazing features to uninstall any unwanted software, browser plug-ins or undesired Windows apps easily. Uninstalling applications made all the more easy through this handy tool."

IObit Uninstaller -

"IObit Uninstaller helps you to speed up your bloated computer. Must try. "

Driver Booster -

"You can consider Driver booster as the doctor for your driver, who will look after your PC driver\'s health and resolve all the driver issues."

MacBooster -

"Owing to the well-balanced GUI without any brain-twisting controls, MacBooster is very easy to use. Its system performance improvement potential is huge, too. It intelligently finds all redundant apps and files, regardless of their type, and allows you to free up a great deal of disk and memory space in just one click."

IObit Uninstaller -

"The IObit Uninstaller for Windows PC is an excellent and lightweight option to relax your computer system from unwanted software."

Advanced SystemCare -

"I am impressed with the functionality of Advanced SystemCare and how much it found on my laptop, and can definitely recommend getting it if you can get it at some kind of discount."

Smart Defrag -

"Smart Defrag is one of the best free defrag programs that can easily and safely defrag your PC."

IObit Malware Fighter -

"IObit Malware is one of the best antivirus software that prevents cyber-attacks and protects your operating system from malicious files."

iFun Screen Recorder -

"Unlike many other screen recorders out there, the iFun Screen Recorder does not have any time of your screen recording session. That means you can record your session for as long as you want without any worry."

Advanced SystemCare -

"No doubt this tool proves to be very beneficial for PCs because it made them perform faster while putting a minimal load on system resources."

Advanced SystemCare 14 -

"Advanced Systemcare 14, which monitors the performance of your computer in real-time and then releases disk space and RAM accordingly, make sure that your system stays safe, and the vulnerabilities are patched."

Advanced SystemCare 14 PRO -

"Advanced SystemCare 14 PRO, the AI-powered PC optimizer that can free up dead space on your computer and improve its performance with just one-click."

IObit Uninstaller -

"IObit Uninstaller is the most powerful tool that is capable of removing unwanted software, blocking malware, malicious pop-ups ads, and protecting your system."

IObit Uninstaller -

"IObit Uninstaller 主打專業移除反安裝軟體,能夠將電腦安裝程式及資料夾不殘留乾淨移除,可以刪除不需要軟體,並且讓你的系統有更高的運作效率。 "

Driver Booster -

"The best free driver updater tool for windows 11 and Windows 10 to automatically scan and update device drivers to boost your Windows Computer Performance."

Driver Booster -

"Driver Booster helps users to update any drivers for audio, video, USB, or other devices on your computer that have become outdated which possibly cause system malfunctions, and fix all driver-related problems for Windows 11, 10, 7. "

Advanced SystemCare 15 PRO -

"Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro is undoubtedly the first preference of an all-in-one speedup PC solution. It makes your PC perform better by increasing the running speed, providing you security from malicious threats, and will also check in case your desktop programs are functioning appropriately."

Advanced SystemCare -

"The overall performance of Advanced SystemCare is excellent and as always reliable. My computer and internet speeds have improved significantly since using Advanced SystemCare."

Advanced SystemCare 15 PRO -

"IObit Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro performs system repairing actions efficiently via utilizing its state-of-the-art functions like AI-Powered Scanning, Real-Time Optimization, and Windows Registry Cleaner."

MacBooster -

"MacBooster can satisfy the demands of most users to improve the system performance, ranging from deleting junk files and looking for duplicated files, and uninstalling applications without ads."

Driver Booster Pro -

"IObit Driver Booster Pro is an easy-to-use program that completes menial but at the same time important tasks without the need for user input. We especially like the free RAM function that we think works particularly well."

Driver Booster PRO -

"A driver update and backup software, just one-click to get the latest driver. It also provides driver restore function, if the driver is not suitable, you can restore it."

Smart Defrag -

"Intelligent Disk Defrag Tool, scan the hard drive and clean up disk space to optimize the hard drive for better performance."

MacBooster -

"MacBooster scans your system for junk files that take up vital disk space and provide virus and malware protection. It has built-in cleaner, Privacy protection, Uninstaller, Duplicate finder, startup optimization, anti-virus scanner, and anti-spyware checker."

Advanced SystemCare Pro -

"Advanced SystemCare Pro is a smart software that fixes things that are either too hard or too boring to sort out yourself, at least for normal users. With this cleaner, you’ll get a lot of features for a relatively low price point."

IObit Software Updater -

"IObit Software Updater PRO can be handy for most Windows users who have installed many applications. 1-click update approach brings more convenience for users."

IObit Uninstaller -

"IObit did a nice job with its uninstaller, packing a neat and intuitive interface with tons of features and possibilities."

MacBooster -

"They include the ability to get rid of duplicate files, eliminate startup processes, clean your memory, and uninstall unnecessary apps."

IObit Malware Fighter -

"If you are looking for an extra layer of protection for your device then IOBit Malware Fighter is one of the best options out there. It works in tandem with antivirus software without conflict, offers everything you need to make your system clean and efficient, and increases the level of privacy, not to mention the program's beautiful and easy-to-use interface."

Driver Booster -

"The Driver Booster 9 program, with its user-friendly and safe interface, helps you to keep a check on all the drivers and their updates on your system. Driver Booster 9 makes way for a complete package that updates your drivers and even fixes a few errors found on your Windows device."

Advanced SystemCare -

"IObit’s Advanced SystemCare 15 is an all-in-one software solution for managing PC health that’s been helping users for 15 years."

Driver Booster -

"Drivers are essential software components that facilitate communication between the hardware and the operating system. Driver Booster can automatically scan and download the latest driver updates for your system. This tool is useful for those who are not comfortable updating drivers manually or don't have the time to do so."

Driver Booster -

"The best part about Driver Booster is that it works on various versions of Windows OS, and you don’t need to download or install anything manually besides the Driver Booster tool."

Advanced SystemCare -

"Advanced SystemCare 16 is a user-friendly yet comprehensive software designed to enhance the speed and security of Windows PCs while safeguarding users’ privacy."

Driver Booster -

"IObit Driver Booster is a utility that aims to simplify the task of updating device drivers for improved system performance and stability."

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