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Windows PC Maintenance Tips - Hardware Maintenance & Software Maintenance

PC maintenance can help speed up your slow computer in a great degree, it's essential for every user to know what to do effectively. Generally, hardware and software optimization can improve PC maintenance in different degree.

Hardware maintenance

1. Regular cleaning

After using a computer for some time, there will be ash inside that can influence your PC performance. Regularly cleaning computer will not only improve its speed, but also prevent some potential risks. To clean those inner ash requires professional techniques, so you'd better take it to a specialized place.


2. Safe environment

Computer using environment is also of great importance to its performance. To avoid some unnecessary problems, you need to ensure there are no water, fire or some other dangerous things around. Besides, if you always handle your computer, please take care not to knock it down.


3. Restart in a certain period

Restarting is a good way to end some abnormal programs or maintain the hardware performance. Long-time standby will cause some devices to work overload, thus fails to make the most of itself. The suggestion is that restart every single day or in a certain time can basically protect your computer hardware, further improving PC maintenance.


4. Hardware checking

Checking hardware condition regularly can prevent some potential problems in advance. Hardware checking mainly includes the screen, keyboard, mouse, printer, microphone and etc. For example, if you want to check if the microphone is fine, you need to ensure that it has been connected correctly and then you can try to make a video call to some one or other ways to check if it works well. Old hardware may fail to behave as good as it used to be, thus causing some troubles gradually. In-time hardware condition checking gives you an overview so that you can understand how to maintain them effectively.

Software maintenance

1. Uninstall useless programs and remove useless files

Useless programs and files will occupy much space on your computer, slowing down its speed and influencing its performance. To remove useless files, you can make a cleanup in every disk. To remove useless programs, IObit Uninstaller  is recommended to uninstall them quickly and thoroughly.


2. Update drivers and the system

Out-dated driver or system will also fail your computer to behave well. It limits some new functions or ignores the repair of some bugs. You can try Driver Booster  to manage your drivers so that it can keep in the latest version. As for the system, just check in Windows Update, and you will know if updates are needed on your computer.

3. Improve PC performance

PC performance is an overall consideration for improving PC maintenance. It can be considered from several aspects such as RAM and CPU monitoring, disk defragment, internet boost etc. To improve PC performance comprehensively, Advanced SystemCare  can offer you some all-in-one methods so that you don't need to check and optimize every item manually.

More details, please visit: How to Improve PC Performance

Having tried both hardware maintenance and software maintenance, your computer will surely perform better. Remember to try these steps regularly to ensure better use of your computer.

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