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IObit Software Updater 6 PRO Can Do More for You

IObit Software Updater 6 Free IObit Software Updater 6 PRO
1-click to update software (2 per day) 1-click to update software (no quantity limits)
The expanded software database enables updating of 22% more programs
Automatically install updates at the scheduled time or instantly when they are available
Update all programs quickly and easily, no need to open your browser
Automatic updates to cover security holes in time
Free Download
$12.97 $29.99
Buy Now - 56% OFF

Media Review

IObit Software Updater was designed to simplify the task of keeping all the applications on your computer up-to-date. It can check for new versions and install them automatically, even without user input. Moreover, it can help you download and install popular applications for various purposes.


User Review

I installed a free IObit from a friend, and I am very pleased with the speed and simplicity that meets the needs of a beginner in maintaining his personal computer. Thank you for that! I have to inform you that I will buy an IObit license, just to donate an amount to help you continue your work. Thank you!

Nicolae Mocioc

User Review

I love the automatic aspect of the updates. It's fast and efficient, and it also creates a restore point prior to install just in case something goes wrong. I also love that the program downloads the updates directly from the appropriate sites rather than my having to go to each individual site to download an update. I think this is one of your best ideas yet!

Joshua Irving

User Review

It's an great Software update program. It's very easy to use and very simple. This program is very clear, works very smooth and its really fast. Also the design is nice and modern and its good that you seen your old and the new version of the program you wanna update. It's also nice that this program shows you new program tips.

Nico Bremmer

Upgrade Now to Get Software Updated Automatically

$12.97 $29.99
Buy Now - 56% OFF
1 Year Subscription / 3 PCs

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