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NVIDIA Releases New Game Ready Driver for Supporting RTX 2060 and G-SYNC Compatible Displays

On January 15, 2019, Nvidia releases its latest GeForce game ready 417.71 WHQL drivers, which is aiming at introducing support for RTX 2060 and G-SYNC compatible displays.

What is GeForce RTX 2060?

GeForce RTX is the graphics card of Nvidia with fast speed and great gaming experience, which gives gamers the performance to enjoy the latest and greatest games at stunning levels of detail. The GeForce RTX 2060 is now joining the action and delivering advanced ray tracing and AI features, plus levels of performance previously available only in high-end gaming GPUs. It is reported to give users an in-game experience that beats the GTX 1070 Ti and is on average 60% faster than the prior-generation GTX 1060, according to Nvidia’s own test.

What is Nvidia G-SYNC?

G-Sync is a proprietary adaptive sync technology aiming primarily at eliminating screen tearing and the need for software alternatives such as Vsync. G-Sync eliminates screen tearing by allowing a video display to adapt to the frame rate of the outputting device, generally graphics card or integrated graphics, rather than the outputting device adapting to the display, which could traditionally be refreshed halfway through the process of a frame being output by the device, resulting in screen tearing, or two or more frames being shown at once.


Highlights of the new GeForce Game Ready 411.71 drivers

The new GeForce Game Ready 417.71 WHQL drivers can now support the GeForce RTX 2060 and G-sync compatible displays, with which you’ll be able to get the best visual experience and gaming performance. After installing the new GeForce Game Ready 417.71 WHQL driver, both RTX 20-series and GTX 10-series graphics cards will be able to enable G-Sync for monitors that weren’t specifically built for the variable refresh rate (VRR) utility.

The GeForce Game Ready 411.71 driver is now available on Nvidia’s official website, you can download it here .

Also, Driver Booster provides the update. You can easily check for the update information inside it and get the latest Nvidia GeForce game ready driver.


Besides Nvidia GeForce Game Ready drivers, Driver Booster helps update other popular drivers conveniently, such as AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin, Intel Graphics driver and Realtek drivers. All drivers have passed the WHQL test and the security is guaranteed. Driver Booster can also be used to fix common driver errors such as no audio output device is installed , network adapter errors or some blue screen of death problems.

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