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How to Achieve Real-time Protection on Windows

Online security becomes more and more important when using computer. Junk files accumulation and high occupation of the system RAM will slow down the speed of your system. Malicious programs can change your startup process and browser’s settings randomly without permission at any time. In this case, it’s necessary to make real-time protection on Windows for both system optimization and security.

Browser protect

Browser is one of the most important tools to connect you with the outside world. On the one hand, you are able to search, scan and download everything online through the browsers whenever you want. On the other hand, attackers can also get an access to your computer at the same time or secretly. The browser can record the online scanning history and account information when you sign in on a new site. Also, hackers can make use of these viewing history and personal data to steal your private information. Without dealing with these important messages in time, you will be more likely to leak your privacy to attackers. To make real-time browser protect, you can apply some settings in the browser.

1. Never choosing “Remember my password” on an unfamiliar webpage;

2. Clear your privacy traces(including view history, cookies etc ) regularly;

3. Set your default homepage;

4. Use a pop-up blocker.

RAM cleaning

RAM, short for Random-Access Memory, is a form of computer data storage that stores data and machine code currently being used. Too many loads of RAM will make the system running slower and slower, which makes it rather difficult to run a necessary program. To clean RAM, try to right-click the blank space of the task bar and choose task manager to end those unnecessary processes.

In Task Manager, you can not only end the program occupying much space that may slow down the system, but also check if there are programs running secretly in background process and stop them, thus making real-time optimization on your system.


Startup protection

Windows quick startup is not only convenient to boot the computer system, but also saves more time for you to get ready for your target work. Too many programs running automatically at startup will waste much time and may cause some problems. Moreover, if your computer has been attacked by hackers, they can also destroy your startup process and plant malware. As a result, closing some unnecessary programs at startup in time is helpful for normal boot.

In Task Manager, you can manage startup software according to its startup impact. Generally, programs with high startup impact will occupy more boot resources thus wasting more time, so they are suggested to be disabled for a faster and safer boot.


Files shred

Some important files can appear in your computer even if you have removed them and empty the recycle bin in time. If you want to delete these files which may contain some important information or personal data, you may need to use a file shredder. Advanced SystemCare file shredder can help to remove the files and folders securely and permanently on your computer. Just add the unwanted files or folders into Advanced SystemCare and choose the way you’d like to delete, they will not appear again. You can also clear the recycle bin in file shredder to guarantee that the deleted files will never be recovered from Windows. After permanently deleting these files, there is no chance for any hacker to steal it from your computer.


In fact, Advanced SystemCare can achieve more protection than just files shred. It helps to protect your homepage on several aspects. Browser anti-tracking will automatically wipe privacy traces after you have closed your browser to prevent your computer from being tracked. Surfing protection & Ads-removal secure your online browsing against various threats and keep you away from annoying ads on web pages. Once being protected with Advanced SystemCare Ads-free function, there will be a mark like “7.jpg” on your webpage, which means that all ads have been blocked successfully.


Besides browser protect, Advanced SystemCare also provide other accesses to optimize and protect your system. The performance monitor gives a specific overview of your computer RAM and CPU, also shows system temperature and your disk occupation. You can manually choose to end the unnecessary process or click the optimizing button to make a maximum release.


Advanced SystemCare is also a real-time protector which protects your computer against spyware and adware in real time. It will scan and check when there are new programs launching and new shortcuts creating. Once there are threats detected, Advanced SystemCare will notify you to block them for the sake of security.


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