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Fix Driver power state failure in windows 8.1/7 system

Sometimes, we may meet such situations:

"My computer always gets stuck after playing games for a while, sometimes it even can't be ended by Task Manager. In this case, it will take 10 minutes for the computer to shut down then the screen becomes blue with a prompt: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. My computer is ACER 4741 G, could you please help me with the problem?"

Driver power state failure.jpg

"My computer becomes blue screen and then restart itself with no more than an hour every time, the prompt is 0x000009f. There is no problem with the power and I didn't choose standby mode, only music and games can make it restart from time to time. I need some help!"


The special blue screen phenomenon DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE, also called 0x000009f, is always caused by driver problems, such as the driver error created during the time from sleeping mode to a common state. It may also attribute to some driver error when you run task programs. Driver power state failure is a blue screen of death error, which is common to see on Windows 10. If you have met the driver power state failure, you may consider updating the outdated drivers or changing some power-related settings.

How can we solve driver power state failure?

1 If your computer has driver power state failure when you wake up it from sleep mode, there are some solutions you can try:

1) Click "Windows+X", choose Command prompt (Admin);


2) Input "powercfg -h off" then "Enter" to close sleep;


3) Click "Windows+X", choose "power options";


4) "Change plan settings";


5) "Change advanced power settings";


6)Unfold "sleep"-disable "Allow wake timers", then apply.


2 These are the basic steps to solve driver power state failure problems, but if they do not work, I recommend you to visit Intel official website to update Rapid Storage Technology driver. It can be troublesome because before updating the drivers, you need to uninstall the old ones and make some arrangement for what you would like to install. My suggestion is that you'd better seek for the latest driver on Intel because many users complain in the feedback that Rapid Storage Technology driver on Dell is too old to use.

3 Generally, driver power state failure is caused by hardware drivers and BIOS need updating. We suggest that you can try to update or reinstall system drivers, especially MB drivers, graphics drivers, internet drivers and power management drivers etc. Many drivers can get from the device manager, but it can't achieve complete update. So we strongly advise you to download and install drivers on official computer sites. Just like what we have mentioned above, this is time-spending because there are a large amount of drivers exist, which is really difficult to choose a proper one.

Driver Booster is a master of this to help you update drivers easily. You don't need to choose them on PC websites or hardware sites. It has a pretty large database to support you find out the latest and the most compatible version of drivers, thus getting you away from annoying computer problems any more.


Such problems mentioned above can be just so easy to solve with Driver Booster. Run it, and the program will begin to scan your PC automatically, after several seconds, all out-dated drivers will be checked in a list, then you can choose what you want to upgrade from the list, or choose "Update Now" to achieve quick update of all out-dated drivers.


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