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How to register my IObit Uninstaller FREE to PRO edition?

Note: If you do not have the program installed, click here to download the latest version of IObit Uninstaller 10 and install it first.

1. Open IObit Uninstaller FREE, and click the Enter Code text link at the bottom right of the main screen.

2. Copy & Paste to enter your license code, and click Register Now button to enjoy Pro version.

How to refresh my IObit Uninstaller PRO with my new/renewal license code?

1. Open IObit Uninstaller PRO, and click the Options icon at top right of the main screen, and select My subscription in the menu.

2. Click Refresh link to open a new registration window.

3. Copy & Paste to enter your new/renewal license code, and click Register Now button to refresh your service time.

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