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More Powerful Uninstaller Software to Ensure Secure & Cleaner PC

In some cases we installed a program, but figure out the program is useless or not useful as imagination before. Or some installed applications just exist in the PC, occupying RAM instead of playing a role as users do not touch them any longer; even the program is proved to be problematic after installation. If you met one of these conditions, no doubt that you need take some measures to uninstall these programs. Why we need to uninstall stubborn programs? You may notice that your PC gets slower with the year, those programs can't be removed; unwanted programs and leftovers from uninstalled programs just piled up to slow your PC down. Therefore, it is essential to choose an effective method for uninstalling.

Usually there are several methods users can take to uninstall programs:

1.Windows' Built-in Programs and Features Uninstaller

This uninstall function can be checked through the control panel of Windows PC. There will be a list of the installed programs showed up after clicking "Uninstall a program". Users will be able to right-click the program and choose the uninstall options. However, this function doesn't support users to uninstall several programs at the same time, which means you have to click for uninstalling one by one. On the other hand, it can't remove useless leftovers and PC performance will be affected even you have uninstalled unwanted programs.


2.Main Menu of The Installation Files

Find the main menu of the installation files, and then get deeper for the [Unint] application. Double click to uninstall the target program. Honestly, this definitely will be a challenge for those who do not know well about computer knowledge. Besides, some residual files still exist after uninstallation to slow the PC performance and surfing speed!

IU 2.png

3.IObit Uninstaller

Want to get a breeze for uninstalling programs and no worries about the leftovers? IObit Uninstaller definitely will be a great choice. First of all, it can support to uninstall programs, whatever unwanted programs or problematic programs; toolbars and plug-ins (not just normal ones but the browser toolbars and plug-ins which are hard to detect); also the removal of Microsoft Edge extensions also is available for Windows 10 users. Besides, easy to auto-detect leftovers of programs uninstalled by third-party uninstallers and notify Powerful Scan to offer promptly & thoroughly uninstall.


Second, it includes powerful tools and utilities for deeper uninstallation. For instance, force uninstall helps you uninstall a program which cannot be uninstalled in a routine way and clean its residual files thoroughly. It can also help you remove a shortcut and its target file easily. Cleanup Residual cleans invalid shortcuts; Windows patch cache, download file location. 

As you know, files deleted from your PC can be recovered even after disk formatted. Normal removal only deletes file name without touching the content for performance reason. If you have important files need to be permanently removed, IObit Uninstaller will help you with "File Shredder". What's more, IObit Uninstaller also provides deeper dig to detect those applications which delay PC boot time and allow users to determine whether disabling the items or not.

All you are worried about uninstalling a program can be solved by IObit Uninstaller, useless programs and annoy leftovers will be cleaned up thoroughly. Meanwhile, PC performance and boot time will get a significant improvement for better surfing experience!

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