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Major Improvements in V 5.0.2:
+ Optimized IObit Anti-malware Engine - Scan much faster with lower resource usage. Detect and remove more threats thoroughly for higher security.
+ New Anti-Ransomware Engine - Protect your important files from malicious attacks and illegal access by third-party programs.
+ New Download Protection - Scan your downloaded files to keep your PC away from the malicious files.
+ New Camera Guard - Protect your camera from unauthorized use and prevent malicious programs from spying on your privacy.
+ Enhanced Scan - Strengthen the scan for Rootkit to protect your PC in all-round.
+ Optimized Surfing Protection and added Ads Removal - Protect your browser from various online threats and remove more annoying ads for safer and smoother surfing experience.
+ Optimized Plugin / Toolbar Cleaner - Monitor the activities of Plugins / Toolbars in real-time for safer and cleaner PC.
+ Optimized Update Process - Update database and product version more timely, stably and conveniently.
+ Brand New UI - Support high DPI displays & high resolution screens for better experience.
+ Larger Database - Support removing more latest stubborn malware and viruses.
+ Better Compatibility - Enjoy full-round protection on latest Windows 10.
+ Supported 34 languages.
* And more can be discovered by you.
IObit Malware Fighter
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V 5.0.2 | 39.8 MB
IObit Malware Fighter
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Basic Anti-Malware FunctionImproved
Full Anti-Malware Ability with IObit Anti-Malware EngineImproved
Advanced Threat Protection with Bitdefender Anti-Virus EngineImproved
Protect Your PC & Money from Ransomware Attacks New
Basic Real-time Protection against Malicious Behavior
Safeguard Your Camera against Unauthorized AccessNew
Comprehensive Real-time Protection for Top PC SecurityImproved
Prevent Virus Infections Carried by USB Disks
Up to 130% Faster Scan to Target Active Threats QuicklyNew
Detect Malicious Process Running in RAM
Auto Clean Surfing Privacy Trace with Browser Anti-TrackingImproved
Detect Threats by Analyzing Malicious Action
Scan Download Files and Remove Ads to Enhance ProtectionNew
Intelligently Works in Background without Interrupting
Automatic Update to the Latest Version
Free 24/7 Technical Support on Demand
IObit Malware Fighter
IObit Malware Fighter
Downloadthe latest version Upgrade to pro
V 5.0.2 | 39.8 MB New Release Special Offer!

Media Review

"IObit Malware Fighter PRO is a complete security package."

"IObit Malware Fighter PRO is a complete security package. It weeds out spyware, Trojan and all manner of other nasties, there're also Startup Guard that ensures no malicious processes start with Windows, Browser Guard that ensures no software makes changes to your web browser, File Guard that ensures unknown file you open do not cause any damage, USB Guard, Process Guard and more."

User Review

"We have not had a problem since using your products."

"We used to use up to a dozen different programs to keep our machines running smoothly and keep the bad guys out. It took hours every week to maintain security and performance. Now, with IObit Malware Fighter Pro and Advanced System Care Pro, everything is in one place and it takes us just a few minutes every couple of days to do the same jobs with much more confidence. We have not had a problem since using your products."

"I also had other programs for this purpose installed, but IMF always finds the problems first and blocks them."

"Some years ago somebody drew my attention to IObit Malware Fighter. First I was sceptic. But after installing it, it became my favourite anti-malware program. It is very easy to use. Through the years it already has detected several threats and removed it. In cooperation with the other IObit programs, like for example ASC, I have a good PC protection. I now recommend these programs to all my friends and family."
  • Bob Bassett
  • Peter Stoffers
*. Such promotional programs are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion.

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