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How to Manage Unplugged Device on Windows

What is Unplugged Device?

Unplugged Device, also known as non-present devices, is a kind of device that was physically removed from the computer but whose registry entries were not deleted. Once connected with a new USB Flash Drive, Windows will save its related information. When a device has been disconnected with the system, the remained information refers to an unplugged device. Other unplugged devices include Scanner, Printer, Android Devices and iOS Devices etc.

How to Check Unplugged Devices?

There are two methods to check unplugged devices on Windows. Let鈥檚 take Windows 10 as an example.

Method One: Check Unplugged Devices in Device Manager

Although some devices won鈥檛 display by default in Device Manager, you can still check those hidden devices with one more step, including unplugged devices.

1. Right-click the Windows Start button and choose 鈥淒evice Manager鈥;


2. Click 鈥渧iew鈥 and choose 鈥渟how hidden devices鈥;


Then you will find some hidden devices in the list, which includes the unplugged devices.

Method Two: Check Unplugged Devices with a Driver Updater

1. Run driver updater - Driver Booster 6 beta, it will automatically scan and check the driver status;

2. After scanning, there will be a list of all available updates, the driver with a 鈥image005.png鈥 mark belongs to unplugged device driver.


How to Update Necessary Unplugged Device Drivers

Updating necessary unplugged device driver can make it better adapt to the system and run smoother. You can also update the unplugged device driver in Device Manager or use Driver Booster.

Method One: Update Unplugged Device Drivers in Device Manager

1. Right-click the relevant device and choose 鈥渦pdate driver鈥;


2. Click 鈥淪earch automatically for updated driver software鈥;


It will start searching for driver update online. If there is a new driver available, you can manually update it for better use.

Method Two: Update Unplugged Device Drivers with Driver Booster 6 beta

Since manually updating a device driver can be time-wasting and you need to consider the compatibility, you can also use Driver Booster 6 beta to update the device drivers. It can easily scan and check the diver status and provide common driver update. With the enhanced database, Driver Booster 6 beta will match the best driver for unplugged devices. When plugged again, these devices will run better on computer.

1. Run Driver Booster 6 beta and wait for the scanning result;

2. Click 鈥淯pdate Now鈥 to upgrade all outdated drivers.

How to Clean Useless Unplugged Device Data

Besides updating, Driver Booster 6 beta can also help clean the unplugged device data. If some unplugged devices won鈥檛 be used again, you can choose to clean the related data.

Since there are no systematic ways to clean unplugged device data, you may need to check the saving paths and clean up them manually. This is flexible for most users. Besides, if you delete some important files, it may cause a problem. In this case, Driver Booster 6 beta can be the choice.

1. Run Driver Booster and choose 鈥淐lean Invalid Device Data鈥;


2. Click 鈥淪can鈥, it will automatically scan the unplugged/invalid device data.


3. Click "Clean", it will automatically clean the invalid data in seconds.




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