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system information

Easy and Quick-to-get System Info Summary

IObit SysInfo offers an easy-to-navigate and clear information table for you to know every piece of PC hardware that is connected to your computer. It always keeps you updated about the system and hardware conditions and helps you report certain issues and upgrade what is needed.

iobit temperature monitor

Real-time Monitoring

The Real-time monitoring will monitor the temperature and usage rate of CPU, GPU, Disk, Motherboard, and Memory resources. Thus, you could better understand how the PC resources are being consumed and the available space in storage.

CPU temperature

Hardware Temperature Alert

A clear layout of a system resource information display will show you the current memory usage rate, available PC space, and memory capacity. Moreover, the temperature overheats alert will help to guard your PC hardware and prevent damages caused by overheat.

PC specs

Extensive and Flexible Reporting

IObit SysInfo gets you a full system information summary and unfolds extensive lists of your operating system, PC specs, network and hardware conditions. You could select to export any section and save it in txt and HTML formats.

The Best Tool to Check What's in Your PC and Hardware Status

Free System Info Tool

A smart and useful windows system utility tool that requires no fee, just a quick download and uses it for free.

Simple and Clear Interface

With an easy-to-navigate interface, IObit SysInfo can help you get the information you want faster than before.

Available for Windows

Designed for Microsoft Windows, including 7,8,10,XP and Vista.

What can IObit SysInfo Free do for you?

Check PC Specs

You may experience PC slowdown and crashes and wonder where went wrong,IObit SysInfo provides a clear picture of the current usage rate and software versions for you to know what needs to be enlarged or upgraded to have a faster PC.

Prevent permanent PC damages

When carrying large games, the requirement for PC CPU, GPU and RAM can be much higher. Especially when the graphic card is overclocked, the hardware is at risk of burning out. The temperature alert built-in IObit SysInfo can send a timely reminder to prevent overheat damages.

Easy to share PC Report

Your PC Specs will be laid in a well-organized report and you can share it with IT support professionals, colleagues, or friends effortlessly. Any PC-related issues can be solved more effectively with a detailed PC report.

IObit SysInfo Free

Export Your PC Specs and Real-time System Information now!

Free Download
V 1.0 | 6.3 MBSupports Windows 10/Win8/Win7/Vista/XP
IObit SysInfo Free

Always know what is going on with your PC

Free Download

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