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How to Remove Ykcol Ransomware on Windows 10

What is Ykcol Ransomware and how it works?

Ykcol Ransomware, a newly break-out ransomware, is the latest version of Locky Ransomware. Ykcol is Locky spelled backward. According to the feedback from our users, Ykcol Ransomware mainly spreads through the attachment of emails named with the status of the invoice, in which contains a *.vbs script. After double clicking the script, it will automatically download an executable virus named "HdOWSy.exe" and then begin to encrypt your computer files and all shared documents in the same LAN(Local Area Network).

When it begins to encrypt the files, it will modify and append the name of the files with ".Ykcol". After encrypting, you will encounter such alert:


Or this (same words):


This requires you to pay a ransom of 0.25 Bitcoins (about 1,028 USD) to get back your files and remove the Locky Ransomware on your computer.

How to prevent Ykcol Ransomware?

As Windows itself may not be able to prevent and remove such attacks, you need to install an anti-ransomware tool first to make protection. Here, IObit Malware Fighter 5 is recommended.

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After installing IObit Malware Fighter 5, please try the following steps.

1. Run it, scan to check for your computer status. (remember to enable Anti-Ransomware Engine and BitDefender Engine so that Locky Ransomware can be checked)



2. Fix what has been pointed as malware to ensure security.

3. If you have infected with Ykcol Ransomware, your scanning result will be:


4. If this happens on your computer, don't worry, just click "remove" and they will be away.

Since Ykcol Ransomware spreads mainly through spam, you may worry about run the harmful script by carelessness or by mistake. With IObit Malware Fighter, it can prevent potentially dangerous operation, thus cut off the possibility to get infected.

If you receive and manage to open an email containing a *.vbs script mentioned above, IObit Malware Fighter will give you an alert as:



So IObit Malware Fighter can easily prevent and remove Ykcol Ransomware and protect your files. Besides, it has successfully prevented a number of users' computers from being infected by WannaCry Ransomware, Petya Ransomware and older version of Locky Ransomware etc.

According to recent reports, Locky Ransomware keeps coming back and Ykcol is just a part. Potential development still needs further attention. As a result, IObit Malware Fighter is necessary for full computer security. Moreover, remember to backup your important files on time, reducing possible damage to a great degree.

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