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How to Prevent & Remove Common Threats on Your PC

Common PC threats refer to Trojan, Virus, Worms, Keylogger, Spyware, Ransomware and Adware etc. Without proper protection, these threats can destroy your PC data or performance through different ways, thus providing access for attackers to acquire your private data.


Among all the threats, malware and ransomware have become more and more serious problems. Some malware can be removed temporarily, but it will appear again every time you reboot your system. As for ransomware, it influences more about your money because once blackmailed by some ransomware, much money is required to get back your personal data. In May 2017, a ransomware called WannaCry has blackmailed almost more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries, causing direct damage up to 4 billion dollars. As a result, it's essential for every user to prevent PC threats regularly.


To scan & detect common threats for PC security concerns, there are two ways available.

Method one: Windows Defender Security Center

Use Windows Defender Security Center to see if there is virus or other threats from time to time. Microsoft will release new database regularly for better protecting your system security. Once threats detected, Windows will give you an alert to notice those harmful programs. You can also change the notification time to make regular check. Windows update can also gain protection of your computer because Microsoft will regularly release new version including larger database and solutions.

Step 1. "Win+I" to open the settings and choose Update & Security;


Step 2. Choose Windows Defender and then Turn on Windows Defender Antivirus; 


Step 3. Choose Virus & Threats Protection;


Step 4. Turn on Periodic Scanning.


In this case, Windows will scan and detect threats periodically and give you notification if threats exist. Besides, if you want to use Windows update to check if there is threat existing, please remember to update when your system is idle so that it won't occupy your working time.

Method two: Use IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Fighter can help scan and detect, then prevent and remove common PC threats for you. It is a security software which has been used to prevent malware, Trojans, ransomware and other PC threats in various fields. To prevent these threats, you just need to scan your computer in a specific way, if threats detected, choose "Fix All" to repair them. Or you can choose a regular time to scan you PC in order not to occupy working time.

Sometimes, you may meet a pretty stubborn malware that is hard to remove. You can right click to powerfully remove it. Some famous malware at present include Trojans, PUPs and Keyloggers etc. Take Trojans as an example, they persuade the victims to install themselves and declaim to be harmless. They always bundle with other software and then get unauthorized access to your account.

Using IObit Malware Fighter to deal with common PC threats, there are only two steps needed.

Step 1. Run IObit Malware Fighter, choose Full Scan to have a comprehensive check;


Step 2. Click "Remove" to clear the harmful programs.


It's convenient for you to use IObit Malware Fighter to prevent and remove common PC threats at any time. It can scan and fix in the backstage in order not to take up your working time, thus ensuring the real-time protection.

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