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PC Health Solution

Real-time protector - protect against spyware proactively and lightly

Advanced SystemCare is a real-time PC protector which helps to protect your computer against virus, spyware and malware proactively and lightly. It is the best freeware that achieves real-time virus protection, real time malware protection, real-time spyware protection and real-time anti-spyware protection.

Surfing Protection & Ads Removal

Advanced SystemCare can achieve online surfing protection and Ads-removal in order to provide you with safer and faster browsing experience. It helps to protect your computer browser like chrome, firefox, internet explorer etc from malware, hijack and spyware. Moreover, it can remove most adware and get rid of pop-ups.

Homepage Protection

Homepage protection is designed to protect the browser default search settings, protect browser from homepage change, protect firefox homepage from being changed and protect browser from search engine change, monitoring any changes to homepage and search engine to prevent malicious modification.

DNS Protect

DNS protection helps to prevent your system DNS settings from being modified by malware, which protects your PC against DNS spoofing.
Advanced SystemCare as a Real-time Online Surfing protector Helps You Surfing In
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V 15.4.0 | 44.7 MB
Supports Windows 11/Win10/Win8/Win7/Vista/XP

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