Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 User Manual

About ASC Ultimate 9

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 is a full-scale antivirus software for PC Security and Performance. Integrated with​ the latest Bitdefender antivirus engine, as well as IObit's all-in-one PC optimization utility Advanced Systemcare 9, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 provides ultimate protection against viruses, malware, and cyber threats without impacting​ on PCs' performance. What's more, with newly added Speed Up module and over 10 rebuilt tools, it greatly maximizes the performance of your system, disks and browsers.

System Requirements

• Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

• 500 MB of free disk space

• 1024*768 screen resolution and above

Download & Installation

1) Click here to download the latest Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9.

2) Double-click the downloaded asc-ultimate-setup.exe to start installation.


Users can always enjoy the latest version automatically with Update automatically checkbox ticked by default in the Settings.

Users can also configure the program to update when updates are available or at a scheduled time.


Users have 30 trial days to run all the functions of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 for the first time and evaluate if it meets their expectations. After the trial days expire, a valid license code is required to activate the full version. Click here to purchase a new one, or click here to renew your expired license code. If you forgot your license code, retrieve it here.

Click Activate Now button at the bottom right of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 main screen, click Already have a license code text link to open registration window, enter your license code in the License Code box, and then click Register Now button to activate Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9. Visit here for step-by-step activation instructions.

After upgrading to the full version, you can click Manage License link at the bottom right of the screen to check the detailed license status, refresh your license, or export your license.

Configure UI

To quickly change Skin, Background or Font Size, click the icon at the top left of the screen.

To adjust the screen size, click the icon at the top right to maximize the screen to fit full desktop, or hover the mouse pointer to the boundary of the screen and drag the mouse to adjust its size as per your needs.

Antivirus Settings

In Antivirus Settings window, you can configure General Settings, Scan Settings, Protect, Whitelist, Silent Mode, Quarantine, and Log of Antivirus module separately according to your preference.


All threats you choose to Add into Whitelist on the fix screen will be displayed here. You can also manually add a file or folder you do not want to scan by clicking Add a file or Add a folder button.


To avoid any false positive, all threats fixed will be moved to Quarantine as Quarantine threats when removing them option is ticked by default. If you think the items listed here are false positives, please click here to report the false positives to us. And then click Restore button to restore them to your computer after ensuring they are false positives by us.

Quick Settings

We provide 13 quick settings for the most concerned functions: Security, Performance, Clean, and Automatic. You can easily switch a function on/off by clicking the OFF/ON button next to it separately. Or click Activate all functions text link at the left bottom to turn on all functions.


To let Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 work exactly as what you expect, you can configure the Settings for Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 according to your own needs and habits at first.

Note: Do not forget to click Apply and OK buttons to save your own settings.


Antivirus module provides three types of scans and eight practical protections to ensure your PC's security.

Scan Options

Quick Scan: Scan your computer for virus quickly.

Full Scan: Scan your computer thoroughly and completely.

Custom Scan: Only scan the drive(s) or folder(s) you selected. Your inserted external drives will be displayed here by default.

We also provide Antivirus Right-click Scan. You can set it through Options -> Settings -> General Settings -> tick Scan with ASC Ultimate in Context Menu -> click Apply and OK button. This option is ticked by default.


Protection Details: By clicking this link, it will show you the status of Real-time Protection, Windows Firewall, Auto Silent Mode, System Reinforce, Surfing Protection, Homepage Protection, DNS Protect, and Browser Anti-Tracking. Clicking on Hide Details will fold these protections.

Fix Now: Fix Antivirus status problems automatically with one click. Normally, Fix Now may have the following three actions according to different Antivirus status:

• Turn on real-time protection;

• Update database to the latest;

• Turn on real-time protection and update database to the latest.

Scan Screen

During the scanning process, the scan window will display the scan status in real-time.

Tick Automatically fix to let the program always repair the problems automatically after scan. By clicking the downward arrow icon, you have other 4 options: Auto fix & Shut down PC, Auto fix & Restart PC, Auto fix & Hibernate PC, and Auto fix & Sleep PC.

Fix Screen

If threats are detected after scan, right click on a threat to view the context menu where we provide three options:

Add to Whitelist - By selecting this option, the detection will be ignored and Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 will not detect it as a threat any longer until you delete it from the Antivirus Whitelist.

Open file location - It will lead you to the folder where the threat is located.

Export report - It will generate an Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 scan report for your reference later.

Clean & Optimize

Clean & Optimize module provides 12 modules to clean and optimize your PC for the top performance in a comprehensive way.

Note: Before you perform a scan, it is highly recommended to go to Settings and choose your preferred settings carefully to avoid any unexpected situations. Please do not forget to click Apply and OK buttons to save your configuration.

Let's learn more about each module with the following introduction.

1. Spyware Removal

This module is designed to detect and remove spyware and other security threats thoroughly. After a scan finished, you can check the problems found in detail.

2. Registry Clean

This module is designed to clean up registry in depth, remove registry junk safely, and compact registry bloat to improve PC performance significantly.

3. Privacy Sweep

This module is designed to erase your activity history and surfing traces on your computer to keep your PC clean and safe. Please close your running browsers before cleaning surfing traces scanned out, otherwise, they cannot be cleaned thoroughly.

4. Junk Files Clean

This module is designed to clean up junk files to recover free disk space.

5. Internet Boost

This module is designed to help you test and accelerate Internet speed.

6. Shortcuts Fix

This module is designed to help you scan and repair invalid shortcuts on your computer. After a scan is finished, you can check the problems in detail.

You also have the right-click menu for the scan result like Jump to location to see where the shortcut is located and decide if you want to fix it.

7. Registry Defrag

This module is designed to improve your PC performance by compacting and optimizing registry.

8. System Optimization

This module is designed to fully optimize system performance and accelerate Internet speed by unleashing the built-in power of your system, based on how you use your PC and configure your network.

9. Security Defense

This module is designed to keep your computer away from threats or unwanted pests which may be distributed via potentially dangerous sites.

10. Disk Scan

This module is designed to analyze and fix disk errors to keep your PC stable and efficient.

11. Vulnerability Fix

This module is designed to scan for Windows vulnerabilities in your computer, download hot-patches directly from Microsoft server and then install them on your computer automatically.

12. Disk Optimization

This module is designed to defragment your HDD and trim your SSD for top disk performance.

Scan Screen

Tick the checkbox for Select All or only tick the checkbox for the item you want to scan, then click the SCAN icon in the center of the program to start a scan.

Tick Automatically fix to let the program always repair the problems automatically after scan. By clicking the downward arrow icon , you have other 4 options: Auto fix & Shut down PC, Auto fix & Restart PC, Auto fix & Hibernate PC, and Auto fix & Sleep PC.

• During the scanning process, you can click the item that has already finished the scan to check problems found under this item.

• During the scanning process of each item, you can have a better estimate of how long the scan will take with the percentage number in the middle.

Fix Screen

Before clicking Fix button, you can also click each item under Summary to view the problems in detail.

If you do not want to fix a problem, two options are provided:

No action: You can select No action in the drop-down menu behind a problem, or untick the checkbox before a problem so that the problem will not be repaired this time.

Ignore: Selecting Ignore in the drop-down menu behind a problem or right clicking on a problem to select Ignore will add it into the Ignore List. And then the problem will not be scanned out in the future. 5 modules have this option: Spyware Removal, Registry Clean, System Optimization, Internet Boost, and Vulnerability Fix. If you want to fix the ignore problems, you can go to Ignore List and Vulnerability Fix in the Settings and remove them from Ignore List.

Speed Up

To boost your system and browsers for the top performance, we add a new feature Speed Up in Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 integrated with 4 helpful modules: Turbo Boost, Startup Accelerate, Deep Optimization, and App/Toolbar Cleaner.

Turbo Boost

Turbo Boost helps optimize and speed up your computer by switching off the unnecessary services and disabling unnecessary background apps.

Easily click Turn On/Turn Off button to turn on/off Turbo Boost.

Configure Turbo Boost

To build your own Turbo Boost, please click Configure link. We provide Work Mode, Game Mode, and Economy Mode. Work Mode will boost your computer for better work experience. Game Mode can boost your computer much deeply for gaming. And Economy Mode can boost your computer for better performance with minimal power consumption to extend laptop’s battery life.

Move your mouse to click each label name Mode, System Services, Non-Windows Services, Background Apps, and Other Settings, choose the items you want to turn off under each label according to your needs, click Boost button to turn on Turbo Boost with your configuration.

Note: Please view all processes and services carefully to make sure that the necessary processes and services are not selected to be stopped.

Startup Accelerate

Startup Accelerate helps you disable unnecessary startup items to speed up the boot time.

Click Optimize All to disable the recommended startup item, or click Details link to see all the startup items on your system. You can tick the startup items that you want to disable and then click Optimize.

Advanced Manage: Click it to open Startup Manager in Toolbox quickly. Then you can do much more optimization about Browser Startups, Services, Scheduled Tasks with this tool.

Deep Optimization

Deep Optimization helps boost your PC performance by optimizing hard disk, network and system in Registry.

Click Optimize All to optimize the recommended items, or you can click Details to configure your own settings.

App/Toolbar Cleaner

App/Toolbar Cleaner accelerates your browsers and boosts web browsing by removing the malicious Apps, plugins, and toolbars.

Click Manage button to open IObit Uninstaller, which can uninstall unnecessary programs and clean the leftovers to free up your disk space and improve PC performance.


We provide 28 useful tools including the new IObit Uninstaller 5, Startup Manager and Large Files Finder. These tools are classified into 4 groups: IObit Products, Security & Repair, System Optimize and System Clean. Some tools need to be downloaded before you can use them for the first time.

Click Manage button to add the tools to My Favorite Tools. It supports to add at most 4 tools in the list. If you want to add the 5th one, you need to delete one tool from the list to add the new one.

If some tools are used frequently, it is more convenient to create a desktop icon and/or pin it to Quick Launch bar. To achieve this, please hovering your mouse point over the downloaded tool, and click .

Note: Smart RAM also provides setting of Start at Windows Startup.

IObit Products

Unlike those built-in tools in Security & Repair, System Optimize and System Clean, the programs in IObit Products are independent products which are listed here just for users' convenience. You need to download them first before using them.

Note: Click the product name below to get more information of the program.

1. IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller can remove unwanted programs, toolbars and browser plug-ins easily. Besides that, the newly added Tools can even clean junk files, shred important files permanently and manage Windows items quickly.

2. Driver Booster

Driver Booster helps update outdated drivers, install missing drivers, and fix faulty drivers, keeping your PC away from problems like system crash, BSOD, device connection error, audio crackling, no sound, and slow network.

3. Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag can not only defragment your HDD but also trim your SSD to improve your PC performance. The advanced trim technology is designed to improve your SSD reading and writing speed for better performance. As an efficient defragmenter, Smart Defrag can defragment your PC deeply, automatically and powerfully by its unique Boot Time Defrag, Auto Defrag and Defrag and Prioritize Files.

4. IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Fighter helps you detect and remove the deepest infections, and protect your PC conveniently in real time. With IObit unique "Dual-Core" anti-malware engine, it's able to detect the most complex and deepest malware, like spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers, in a fast and efficient way!

5. Start Menu 8

Startup Menu 8 returns the familiar Start button and Start menu for Windows 8/8.1. It also works well with Windows 10 and lets you switch to Windows 10 Start menu easily.

Note: Start Menu 8 will show up in Toolbox if you are using Windows 8 or above.

Security & Repair

1. IObit Win Fix

It analyzes your Windows operating system and helps you fix problems.

It’s not recommended to use IObit Win Fix for those who are not familiar with the items listed in this tool. Misuse may lead to unwanted results.

2. PCtransfer

It helps you back up important files to transfer them your new operating system easily.

3. IObit Disk Doctor

It searches for errors in your drives and file system.

Note: It does the same as Windows Run -> Enter chkdsk /f or chkdsk C: /f. Any errors found will be automatically corrected to avoid data lost.

4. IObit Undelete

It helps you recover the deleted files even after the Recycle Bin is emptied.

Note: Files deleted by File Shredder cannot be recovered by IObit Undelete.

5. IObit File Shredder

It helps you delete unwanted files permanently, so that they cannot be recovered by any kind of recovery tool.

6. IObit Default Program

It helps you set the default programs for your browser, email client, image viewer, audio player, video player, compression software and PDF reader easily and conveniently.

7. IObit IE Helper

It helps you manage Internet Explorer add-ons and system context menu. It also helps you restore hijacked settings.

Note: It’s not recommended to use IE Helper for those who are not familiar with the items listed in this tool. Misuse may lead to unwanted results.

8. IObit System Control

Here you can change and customize the operating system settings.

System Optimize

1. IObit Startup Manager

It helps you optimize your computer startups by one click to speed up your computer's boot time. You can also disable or delay those programs which you do not want to run at Windows startup by taking a reference at the disable rate and the boot time. It also helps you manage your browser startups, computer services and scheduled tasks easily.

2. IObit Smart RAM

It monitors memory usage and recycles unused memory blocks to increase available physical memory.

3. IObit Internet Booster

It optimizes your TCP/IP, IE, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera settings to dramatically speed up your Internet connection. It’s only available for Pro users. If some unwanted changes are made by this tool, Restore feature at the bottom left will be helpful to restore those changes.

4. IObit Auto Shutdown

It helps you set a scheduled time to shut down, restart, sleep, or hibernate your PC automatically.

5. IObit Program Deactivator

It helps you disable the temporarily unwanted or unnecessary programs’ services, startup items and scheduled tasks to enjoy ultimate computer performance.

6. IObit Registry Defrag

It compacts and optimizes the Windows Registry by removing unnecessary gaps and wasted space.

Note: It’s recommended to close all running applications before you run Registry Defrag - also including your anti-virus application.

7. IObit System Information

It shows you the detailed information about your computer. You can export the information to a .txt file or .html file.

System Clean

1. IObit Registry Cleaner

It removes unnecessary files and other data generated during the installation, uninstallation and running process of the programs installed on your computer. If some unwanted changes are made by this tool, Restore feature of Registry Cleaner will be helpful to restore those changes.

2. IObit Disk Cleaner

Here you can select disks you wish to analyze and clean up. There are two clean methods: Remove files to Recycle Bin and Delete files directly. Files can be restored from Recovery Center of Disk Cleaner if Delete files directly is selected.

3. IObit Large Files Finder

It helps you find the large files that occupy most space in your system. Delete unused large files to free up more disk space.

4. IObit Empty Folder Scanner

It helps you find empty folders, and then delete them.

Note: Not all empty folders are unnecessary. Some empty folders are necessary for system or security programs. So some empty folders will be recreated after you delete them. This is normal.

5. IObit Shortcut Fixer

It searches for invalid shortcuts and references, and helps you fix them.

6. IObit Cloned Files Scanner

It finds files that have the same name and size on your computer (cloned files) and then you can decide whether to delete them or not.

Note: This tool is designed to help you find duplicate files, not junk files. Before you delete any files, please make sure they are useless.

7. IObit Process Manager

It helps you manage running processes and services, and it will display the performance of your system.

Action Center

Security & Performance recommends you other well-known IObit software for better PC security and performance. You can operate the programs quickly in Action Center.

You can also find an exclusive offer to purchase other IObit programs at a very considerably discounted price there.

Note: Click Hide at the middle right of the window if you do not want the recommended programs, and click Show at the bottom right to display them again when you change mind.

Software Updater helps you get your important programs up to date easily and efficiently to avoid potential issues.

Click Update All button to update outdated programs easily with just 1-click.

Performance Monitor

Performance Monitor displays key information like CPU, RAM usage, temperature etc. to help you understand the status of your system, and provides some practical functions to optimize and use your PC more conveniently.

Click to maximize it, and click to minimize it.

When you maximize Performance Monitor, you can see the RAM, CPU usage, Disk and Network information. Click , you will get more information about the temperatures of your CPU, Mainboard, GPU, and Fan Speed.

Scan: Click it to open Advanced SystemCare Ultimate main screen and start a scan.

Clean RAM: Click it to release memory for better performance.

Screenshot: Click it to take a screenshot. You can set the hotkey by clicking the drop-down arrow beside it.

Power: Shut down, Restart, Log off, Hibernate easily with this icon like the Start icon does.

Rescue Center

To minimize the possible troubles caused by registry related changes, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 provides several solutions to restore in Rescue Center.

Rescue Registry: Here lists the changes made by Registry Fix and System Optimization. You can view the detailed changes by clicking View Details button and rescue the changes by clicking the Undo Changes button.

Rescue Internet Boost: It helps you rescue all the changes made by Internet Boost.

Rescue Registry Defrag: It helps you rescue all the changes made by Registry Defrag.

System Restore: Here you can view/remove the existing system restore points or create a new one. To ensure the stability of your PC, the latest restore point cannot be removed.

PC Health

PC Health: Move your cursor over the expression icon to view a summarized performance report of your PC. Performance status(Good /Fair /Bad ). Click on the expression icon to view the summary of what Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 has done to optimize your PC.

Note: You can easily know your PC’s performance status according to the expression icon of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9 in system tray, in taskbar or on the desktop.

Technical Support

Every feedback from you is valued. To ensure you can reach us in time, we provide several feedback channels:


It's recommended to read our FAQs before looking in the other sections for help. Because sometimes, the questions have already been answered before you ask them!

IObit Forums

Propose your questions and concerns to IObit Forums, and discuss them with many other experienced and enthusiastic users and our technical staff.

Online Feedback

If you can't find the answers on our FAQs page or IObit Forums, please don't hesitate to contact us for email support. We will reply to you ASAP.

Thank You

Thanks to all Advanced SystemCare Ultimate users and beta testers who motive us to develop this product and make it better and better.

Thanks to IObit Forum Administrators, Super Moderators, and Moderators who are selflessly dedicated to providing assistance to forum users timely.

Thanks to the following volunteer translators who greatly help improve Advanced SystemCare Ultimate user experience and introduce it to more users worldwide:

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