Advanced Mobile Care V 4.6.2
With a new Antivirus Engine, which has won The AV-TEST AWARD FOR BEST PROTECTION 2013 on Android operating system, AMC is designed to secure Mobiles against viruses, malware, spyware, malicious URLs, phishing sites, phone loss, etc. and even against unwanted call & SMS. It also offers better performance with features like task killer, battery saver, game speeder, app manager, cloud backup, privacy locker and advisor.

Key Benefits in Advanced Mobile Care

  • One Tap Scan
    Just with one tap, you can scan and clean redundant background tasks, cache, junk files, privacy records to release free storage space.
  • Anti-theft
    Turn on the Anti-theft function by signing up an account, and then you can track and alarm the lost phone, and even wipe the data on the lost phone remotely by logging in your account on our site:
  • Battery Saver
    It works as a battery doctor who tells you about battery information, how much battery power remains, and you can customize your own battery-saving mode.
  • Task Killer
    It can quickly shuts off unnecessary apps that are running in the background and free up more RAM to speed up your Android device with one touch.
  • Game Speeder
    It's a game booster for Android devices that releases memory to make games run smoothly without lag or game-play disturbance.
  • App Manager
    You can batch delete obsolete APK files, uninstall apps and move apps to SD card in one shot to free up more space on your phone.
  • Privacy Advisor
    It will tell you any of your apps that silently record data about your privacy information from your smart phone and give you real-time advice.
  • Privacy Locker
    Got some private photos, videos or other files that you don’t want others to view? You can simply lock them with a password. All your hidden files are kept safely unless you unlock them.
  • Cloud Backup
    It allows you back up contacts and call logs on your device in AMC and restore them from your previous device to a new one when necessary.
  • Antivirus
    It scans apps more thoroughly and effectively with a new Antivirus Engine, which has won The AV-TEST AWARD FOR BEST PROTECTION 2013 on Android operating system. It also provides real-time protection when installing new apps.
  • Call/SMS Blocker
    There are 3 block modes for you to choose, then you will not be disturbed by the unwanted calls

Media Review


"Advanced Mobile Care is a beautifully simple app that quickly scans your Android system for any potentially harmful issues and repairs them in only a few taps. That alone makes it worth the download. But on top of that, it comes with a handful of optimization tools that should make your Android computing experience just a little bit zippier."


"…(Advanced Mobile Care) strives not only to protect you from viruses, but actually make your phone or tablet faster…This is an attractive app, and the layout is sensible and consistent. Animations, while pretty, don’t feel gratuitous and actually help communicate what the app is doing in a non-technical way.


"Security is a big concern these days. Some people are very worried about the NSA spying. people live dangerously and may be exposed to Android Viruses… it (Advanced Mobile Care) is the jack of all trades and master of none, it truly is a good option for you."

User Review

Hello to all potential users of ASC and AMC

Please note that I have been using the above products for several years now and are very satisfied with them. I’m very grateful to the development team for developing these products and their performance. I’m also very satisfied with the support team who is attentive and revert swiftly and professionally to any questions arising from the use of the above product.

My computer and hand phone run smoothly and safely ever since installing and using the products. The installation and ease of use, even for a novice like me, shows the efforts invested by the team concerning its usability. Any questions or problems that I had when the first version came out have been fixed to my satisfaction. Kudos to everyone.

  • Avinoam Ben Do
  • Clifton D'monte
  • Sagar Rana
  • Harold Edward
  • Rocio Nicole Dupotey Cobas
  • Paul van Bavel