IObit Premium Support
Makes Life Easy!

IObit Premium Support is the personal tech support choice for consumers and small businesses. Our 100% North American based team delivers friendly, concierge service and personalized help for your technologies. Our tech experts conveniently speak with you on the phone and connect securely to your computer over the Internet to troubleshoot and fix your technology glitches right in front of your eyes, from wherever you are.

Popular and very affordable Premium Support plans to choose from, with a hassle-free money back guarantee too!

User Review

"A top professional and support technician without peer. A pleasure to work with!!!"

Edward R
"I specifically wanted to mention all of the time and support the tech has given me over the past week. The most recent call was for a number of adobe issues I was running into, but as he was repairing the system, he took the time to make sure (and ask) if there were any other issues. To this point, I explained a new problem I was running into with internet explorer, firefox and google - and he was able to completely resolve the issue - an issue which would have complicated browser use (and a lot of time) going forward."


"I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and colleagues."

Austin W
"I ended up purchasing the monthly service to help me with all my computer needs. Your staff had my problem fixed in 15 minutes and the monthly service is only $30 a month. I have also gotten my wireless printer set up and you guys helped me back up all my files which was great for the year as part of the service. I was completely impressed with the service, the efficiency of your staff and thought the pricing was great."